Celebrating World Autism Awareness Month

At Blu Alliance Counseling, we believe in celebrating awareness and advocacy for neurodiversity, and this April, we are thrilled to join the global community in honoring World Autism Awareness Month. This month holds a special significance for us as we recognize and embrace the rich diversity of neurodiversity.

One of the pillars of our center, Dr. Amanda Alonzo, brings a profound perspective to our work as she shares her journey being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Dr. Alonzo’s personal and professional journey is a testament to the strength and resilience of individuals with ASD. Despite the challenges she has faced, Dr. Alonzo has emerged as a figure of inspiration for many individuals, and families as she spreads the message of advocacy, and awareness for the ASD community.

CEO/Director of Blu Alliance Counseling Center

Dr. Amanda Alonzo

Speaking Engagements

Speaker at 16th Annual Transition Conference: Life After High School

Speaker at Employment Expo

As our director, Dr. Alonzo not only provides their professional guidance in the field of marriage and family therapy but also serves as a passionate advocate for neurodiversity. Her dedication to raising awareness about ASD, coupled with her commitment to empowering individuals with diverse abilities, is truly commendable.

Beyond her role at Blu Alliance Counseling, Dr. Alonzo actively engages with the community as a speaker at public events. Through her presentations, she shares her professional expertise and insights gained from academia, offering valuable resources and guidance for individuals diagnosed with ASD and their families. Dr. Alonzo’s lived experience brings a unique depth to her work, enriching our understanding of neurodiversity and fostering a culture of inclusion.

As we commemorate World Autism Awareness Month, let us reflect on the importance of embracing diversity in all its forms. Let us raise our awareness of the talents, strengths, needs, and contributions of individuals diagnosed with ASD. At Blu Alliance Counseling, we are proud to stand alongside Dr. Amanda Alonzo and all individuals diagnosed with ASD, championing acceptance, understanding, and support.

Resources to Explore During World Autism Awareness Month

As we celebrate World Autism Awareness Month at Blu Alliance Counseling, we are committed to providing resources and support for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. In addition to our ongoing efforts, we encourage you to explore the following resources to further your understanding and awareness of those diagnosed with ASD.

1. Twin Cities PBS Autism Awareness Month Shows

Twin Cities PBS offers a curated selection of shows focused on autism awareness. These programs are suitable for both children and adults, providing valuable insights into the experiences of individuals with ASD.

Explore the shows here


2. NIMH/ONAC Special Event: Sound Tracks – An Artistic Journey to Belonging

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Office of National Autism Coordination (ONAC) present the 11th Annual Autism Acceptance Month Special Event, “Sound Tracks: An Artistic Journey to Belonging.” This hybrid event features autistic photographer Blair Bunting, autistic violinist Laura Nadine, and neurodivergent filmmaker John Schaffer. Experience the film “Sound Tracks,” directed by Mr. Schaffer, followed by a Q&A session with the artists.

Learn more about the event


3. Autism Speaks World Autism Month

Autism Speaks celebrates World Autism Month with a wealth of resources and information. From educational materials to community events, Autism Speaks is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of autism worldwide.

Today, misconceptions of autism and the frequency in which people are excluded, threaten access to the vital information, resources and support autistic people and their families need. This World Autism Month and beyond, join Autism Speaks to fearlessly stand for a world where autistic people are recognized and have the opportunities they deserve.

I will be a true friend and advocate of the full autistic community.

I will respect and support those with autism and champion acceptance, not just awareness, of differences.

I will clarify misconceptions about autism and guide others to reputable resources to help them on their journey.

I will challenge others to provide meaningful opportunities for autistic individuals and their families.

I will celebrate all wins, big or small, of the autism community.

I will #ActFearlessly and stand alongside the autism community in the pursuit of a better world for those with autism.

Click the Pledge button and tell us why you will #ActFearlesslyforChange!

Autism Speak 2024

Explore World Autism Month with Autism Speaks


4. Understanding Autism Premieres on PBS SoCal

PBS SoCal presents “Understanding Autism,” a documentary premiering nationwide in April to coincide with National Autism Awareness Month. This insightful program sheds light on various aspects of autism, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the condition and the individuals it affects.

Learn more about the premiere


We hope these resources enrich your World Autism Awareness Month experience and contribute to a greater understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity. Let us continue to celebrate the accomplishments and perspectives of individuals with ASD, as this will lead us to fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society.

We hope you have a great Autism Awareness Month, and as always Blu Specializes in You.

“As Always Blu Specializes In You”